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This research revolves around the study of economic situations during the reign of Umar (may Allah be pleased with him). The study focused on some extracts of transmitted legacies of Umar that are related to economic situations in his era. These are taken from the books of hadith and their commentaries and books of Fiqh (jurisprudent books), old and new been compiled and arranged according to significance of different jurisprudence matters. The researcher studied the Fiqh of those conditions where commentary was appropriately followed with each Fiqh issues. Hence, the study identified the internal revenue for the national economic and expenditure during the reign of Umar, and it also aimed at issue of economic development during the era. The first topic discussed the national internal revenue and its expenditure of the state, while the second topic focused on the issues of economic development and state of affairs during the reign of Umar, (may Allah be pleased with him). In the conclusion, the researcher presented Umar’s views (may Allah be pleased with him) on economic issues in his era. In general, these views are supported by most companions and scholars after them. Umar (may Allah be pleased with him) in his reign exemplified how possible Islamic law can accommodates all situations and ramifications, events and developments in all times with all its inventions from great endeavors in all aspects of life.

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